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plank & stella: an old man and his pretty kitty

what does that title have to do with anything? nothing. but they're cute and bring me a lot of joy for characters that I've created from my imagination. (don't worry, I don't have conversations with them. crazy, yes. but not that kind of crazy.)

this part is always the hardest. what do I tell you about me? my shoe size? favorite thing to eat for breakfast? silly quirks?

when I'm not knitting at home, I'm knitting on a plane...or at a bar...or while walking down the street, I mean knitting is for everywhere right? I started out crocheting in the late 90's, then a few years ago I taught myself to knit and haven't looked back. I sew too, you have to mix things up and keep life interesting.

I'm drawn to bold bright colors, though sometimes I crush on soft blushes and cozy aquas, but wearing black tees and jeans is my happy place because it's easy (I like my socks and other accessories in happy brights). there isn't enough time in the day for me to pull all the wacky ideas out of my head and execute them. I wonder what kind of world I'd live in if I did?